Announcement for django tutorials

in this tutorial we will see what is django? Why to learn django ? Where it is used ? And much more. Also I will introduce you with the upcoming project ideas and what we are going to build through upcoming blogs. So without any delay let's get started.

Announcement for django tutorials

Hello Programmers, 

I will be starting a tutorial on Django, But first of all why blog on django or say why to learn django? And where is Django used and What’s the scope of this language? And much more…

Why Blog Series on Django? The overall information written below states its answer.

So first of all Why to use django?. 

It's The Web-FrameWork written in Python, And we all know, right now the popularity of the Python language. The most “make sense” reason to use django is it's quite easy and of course it is open-source. It allows you to develop web applications in far less time as compared to other frameworks, second it has batteries included, which means it handles all the database connectivity and authentication system for you so that you can focus on development of the functions needed for the app. Also it provides you the security from the common issues like SQL injections, Cross-site scripting and clickjacking.

One of the important things is Django has wide community support so you will never be left alone in the case of errors and issues. Also You can import and use python libraries in django. It allows you to develop any range of web-application and of any size , its cross platform functionality allows you to run web-app on any os and it works with almost every database.

Django helps you to write code which is Complete (means we don’t need to look for any outside thing. Django has included and takes care of everything.) , as previously mentioned Secure (it uses component based architecture - one independent from another ) Reusable ( we don't have to write same code again and again either in its (python) file or html file , django provides functionality to use html code in other files and it's quite easy) and versatility because of which we can develop any kind of website. The current Website is built in django.

Enough to start right !

But before we start, what prerequisites are required? 

Degree in computer Science, deep knowledge of python, html, css, javascript and must have worked before with at least 10+ languages , and have … (hahaha)


Now Who is using django ?

Some of the most popular and widely used websites that have the django framework included.

source:geekforgeeks (image of mobile and applications)

  1. Instagram
  2. Pinterest
  3. YouTube
  4. Spotify
  5. The Washington Post
  6. DropBox
  7. Disqus
  8. Mozilla

I think you got my drift why it is important and why we should learn it. Without any delay let me come to the point of what we will learn in the upcoming blog series.

  1. Basic password generator app which will generate a random password each time the user refreshes the page and the user can decide the length of the password. Also users can decide if it should contain special/numeric/alphabetcharacters or not. The code will be available on this website and on github. 
  2. We will be developing a basic to-do app in which we will learn about MVT structure, how to create projects and what files inside the projects are included and why they are used also Creation of super admin and accessing the super admin panel, creating functions for the urls, building an authentication system and once done pushing it to the GitHub.
  3. Django based E-commerce web-app which will contain  the models where we will add our product and then from models rendering on our website, Also creating add to cart functionality, integrating razorpay payment gateway, sending mail on purchase, and much more.

You can also check my work on

I will also be sharing code on my website and on github whose links will be provided on their respective blog or project. 

So happy to announce this tutorials, for early updates subscribe to my news-letter where I share insights and weekly notes. For any queries or doubts contact me using my mail Id which is or comment below the blog, I will try to reach you as soon as possible. Best regards.