• 07 Oct, 2022

Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar

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Navigation bars are tools used to help users get from one location to another very quickly and easily. With bootstrap, many of the small details of the navigation bar have already been written by someone else and posted online, so you can just focus on getting the main bar to work and look the way you want it to.

In order to link to the bootstrap, you must call the bootstrap link using:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="link to bootstrap goes here">

in the header section. For some of them, a Javascript source will also need to be called.

To call the navbar, you will need to call <nav class="navbar"> (the class is called "navbar").

<li>, called lists, are sections of the navigation bar.

<a href="link">, which are links to the other location(s), go inside the list. For example:

<li> <a href="link"> Link One </a> </li>

Do it Yourself

In this exercise, you will be adding three more sections to the navigation bar, and calling <nav class="navbar"> at the indicated space in order to call the bootstrap code.