Pakistan News Channel Hacked, Indian Tricolour Shown On Screen Dawn News

Pakistan govt website hacked: Hackers post Indian national anthem, I-Day Greetings. ⁣Pakistan's government website was apparently hacked on Thursday. Online pictures the hackers posted purportedly showed Indian national anthem and Independence Day greetings on the message board. The official website display of a message "Official gateway to the Pakistan government" was later restored.

Pakistan News Channel Hacked, Indian Tricolour Shown On Screen Dawn News


Leading Pakistani news channel Dawn TV said it had launched an investigation into the sudden broadcast of an Indian flag and Happy Independence Day text on its screen during a commercial on Sunday.

Anonymous hackers attacked Dawn TV on Sunday afternoon. While an advertisement was running on the channel, an Indian flag appeared on the screen with the message “Happy Independence Day” written on it. The flag and the message stayed on the screen for a while before disappearing.

The incident went viral on social media and clips of the broadcast were circulated on Twitter.

Soon after the incident, Dawn News issued a statement, saying, “The Dawn administration has ordered an immediate investigation into the matter. The agency is investigating the matter and will inform its viewers as soon as it reaches a final conclusion.”

In July, the website of the Director-General of Public Relations of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) was hacked. In a message posted on the website, the Imran Khan (Bhikari) administration had been accused of human rights violations.